October 20, 2017 -- This is the beginning of a list of chapters/papers that will be the basis of questions for the midterm. The book chapters will stay, as will articles listed in our daily assignments that say Midterm Question. However I do plan on taking a number of older papers off this list and putting some more recent ones on.

Please let me know if any of the links are broken -- I try to check them, but every once and a while one slips through my net

If you see a paper you would like a question on, but it disappears, let me know and I will put it back on the list. Please let me know if there were any papers I mentioned might be on the exam, but don't show up here.

The Midterm will consist of a choice of four questions, closed book. For those international officers opting for a take-home exam, six questions will be required. A copy of the exam will be posted on the site after the class exam.

Questions based on the text, Pugel

Questions based on the text, Wheelan

Questions based on Articles/Reports

New Papers

  • Microeconomic Applications

    Trade Theories and Applicatins


    WTO/US Trade Policy

    Economic Security

    Economic Integration

    Economic Sanctions

    Developing Countries

    Regional Papers

    Latin America/Caribbean


    Middle East