Student Led Discussions

Week 3 -- October 15/16 -- Geopolitics of Energy

Week 4 -- October 21/23 -- Current Debates in Energy/Climate Change/Nuclear

  • John Slagle, An Overview of Climate Change, Chapter 9 in PE, Jason bordoff et al, Understanding the Interaction between Energy Security and Climate Change

  • Logan Kerschner, The Nuclear Debate --

  • Jay Tulley, British Colombia's Carbon Tax

  • Chris Miller, Alternative Energies

Week 5 -- October 28/30 Resource Curse/Nationalization, Latin America

  • Jack Nelson, Resource Curse, Latin American Contrasts with Norway

  • Scott Kafer, Oil Rents and Political Power in Latin America, Chapter 13 in Handbook of Oil Politics -- Sakai

Week 6 -- November 4/6 -- Middle East and Africa

  • John Woodside, Jessica Piombo, Oil Rents and Political Power in Africa, Chapter 12 in Handbook of Oil Politics in Sakai

  • M.K Haugen, China in Africa

  • Jamal Al Gahtani, Saudi Arabian Oil forecasts

  • Steve Alexander, Cost of Protectiong Gulf Oil -- Michael O' Hanlon, How Much Does the United States Spend Protecting Persian Gulf Oil? Chapter 3 in PE

Week 7 --November 13 -- Europe/Russia/Central Asia

  • Christopher Gans, Philip Hanson, Oil and the Russian Economy, Chapter 22 in Handbook of Oil Politics

  • Carlos Barela, East West Pipelines

  • Ali Topal -- Turkey's Role as an Energy Corridor for Europe

Week 8 -- November 18/20 -- Finish Europe -- Asia

  • Jonathan Heskett, Regional Security Europe/Russia/Central Asia -- Yergin Chapters (Monday)

  • Sascha Bleibohm, Geopolitics, European/German Perspectives (Monday)

  • Andy Mack -- China -- Energy Conflict in the South-China Sea (Wednesday)

Week 9 November 25/27 -- U.S./Canada Energy Security

  • Hyun Haeng Lee -- China's Energy Security -- Feeding the Dragon (Monday)

  • Earl Demersseman, Keystone Pipeline

  • Chris Stolle, Economic and Ecological Impacts of the Shale Revolution

  • Zachary P. Jones, Effects of Proliferation of Energy Supplies, Production and Storage on Reconstruction of a Distributed Energy Architecture Yergin Chapters on Future Energy ?


Week 10 December 2/4 Summing Up Implications for U.S. Security -- Start Student Project Presentations

Week 11 December 9/11 Finish Student Project Presentations