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NS4053 Seminar in Political Economy -- Emerging Economies

Course Outline/Methodology

ASSIGNMENTS: Winter Term 2013

January 7

Introduction to Emerging Economies

January 9/14

Historical Long-Run Models of Growth

Most Important Readings

Recent Applications of Main Concepts

January 16

Development Concepts/Measures

Most Important Readings -- Indexes to Brouse Through (several take a while to load)

Other Readings

Other Readings

January 22

Modern Long-Run Models of Growth

Most Important Readings

Chapter 3 is Perkins is mathematical and a bit imposing for new students of economics, but bring your book to class and we can go over some of the more important sections. There are good summaries of the main findings of growth theory and the papers that follow cover the essential points that you need to be exposed to:

January 23/28, finish February 4

Theories of Development

Most Important Readings

Other Readings

February 4

Applied Concepts -- Markets, Institutions and Empirical Analysis Strategies

Most Important Readings


February 6/11/20

Latin America

Most Important Readings

Latin America: Student-Led Discussions

Other Readings -- Country Studies





February 18/20

Middle East/North Africa

Most Important Readings

  • International Monetary Fund, Regional Economic Outlook: Middle East and Central Asia, November 2012

  • IMF Survey, Divergent Economic Performance Continues Across the Middle East, November 11, 2012 -- summary of the Regional Economic Outlook Report

  • IMF, Arab Countries in Transition: Economic Outlook and Key Challenges, October 12, 2012

  • Deutsche Bank, Two Years of Arab Spring: Where Are We Now? What's Next? January 25, 2013

  • Tarik Yousef, Development, Growth and Policy Reform in the Middle East and North Africa Since 1950 (Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2004) -- good historical overview

  • Magda Kandil, Egypt: Managing Creative Destruction, Legatum Institute, 2012

  • Robert Looney, Reform Window Closing for Saudi Arabia, Foreign Policy, June 1, 2012

  • Robert Looney, The Iranian Economy: the Glass Half Empty, Legatum Institute, 2012

    Other Readings

    February 25/27


    South Africa

    Student-Led Discussions

    Tyler Cate -- Ghana February 25

    Jacqueline Natter, Book Review -- Dead Aid (Africa Section) -- February 25

    Michael Clark -- South Africa Chapter in Handbook of Emerging Economies February 25

    Jennifer Warren, Angola (Africa Section) February 27

  • Romelo Delossantos, Review William Easterly Elusive quest for growth (chapters 4, 5 Sakai) (Africa Section) -- February 27

    March 11/13


    Most Important

    Student Led Discussions

    Other Readings

    Student Presentations

    March 11

      Jen Warren (Angola)

      Romelo Delossantos (Thailand)

      Gokhan Akcesme, (Inequality in Egypt before the 2011 Revolution)

      Jacqueline Natter (Aid)

      Eric Clayson (Singapore)

      Jack Nelson (Turkey)

    March 13

      Mike Clark (South Africa)

      Kai Prozeske (EU Brazil Strategic Partnership)

      Scott Anderson (Colombia)

      Ryan Morgan (India)

      Renaldo Rodgers (Brazil's social programs)

      Greg Knott (China's Energy Sector)

    March 18

      William Schneck (Saudi Arabia)

      Darrick Berens (Argentina)

      Zachary Jones (Indonesia)

      Tyler Cate (Ghana)

      Nicolas Aquino (Paraguay)

      James Bredeman, Pakistan (Pakistan/Bangladesh comparison)

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