NS4053 Class Presentations SpringWinter Quarter 2016

Introduction (April 3/5)

Economic Performance, Social Outcomes and Long-Run Growth (April 10, 12)

Political Regimes -- Sources of Data (April 17, 19)

Demographic Change (April 24, 26)

State Led Development (May 1, 3)

Structural Adjustment, Crony Capitalism (May 8/10)

Effects of Oil on Developmemnt (May 15, 17)

Iranian Economy

War, Conflict and the Military in the Middle East (May 22, 24)

Omani Economy

Post-Arab Spring Economies

Egyptian Economy

Morocco Economy

Jordanian Economy

Turkish Economy

Iraqi Economy

Social Mobalization/Islam (May 31, June 5)

Conflict Economies

Social Movements

Moroccan Economy

Algerian Economy

Regional and Global Economic Integration (June 7, 12)