Student Presentations

August 2

August 4

  • Leila Ketterlinus, India's energy security

August 9

  • Edward Florack, Cyber threat to US energy infrastructure and security

August 11

August 16

  • Andrew Harrell, Chinese Energy Diversification

  • Alex Lang, Russian Energy Security --Arctic Exploration & Expansion

August 18

  • Misael Villatoro, Clean energy efforts in Chile

  • Michael Canavati, Energy security in Taiwan

August 23

  • Christine Martinez, Energy Security in Mexico Under AMLO

August 25

  • Tim Bettis, Qatar's Energy Security & Decision to Leave OPEC

  • LaShaundra Collins, Energy Security in The Gambia

August 30

  • Robert Stockman, Energy trade in the Mozambique Channel

  • Joshua Schulze, Energy security in the UAE

  • Claire Longabaugh, Mexican Energy Security

September 1

  • Kendra Carter, Energy concerns and projections for Jordan

  • Philip Trudeau, Energy securiety of Senegal

  • Corbin Aldridge, Renewable Energy in South Africa

September 7

  • Raymond Wettstein - Nuclear powerplants on the Korean Peninsula and nuclear programs of North and South Korea

  • Brandon Carter, Blockchain and Energy Consumption

  • Seneca Shelton, Energy Security in the Sahel Region

September 8

  • Galih Kuzumayuda, Indonesia energy security through bio-fuel development

  • Jerimy Hartless, Possible oil curse in Guyana

  • Christian Delgadillo, Energy security in Argentina

September 13

  • Danielle Garbarino, Rare earth development in South Africa

  • Jubriel Meneses, The future of Iranian energy security

  • Jeffrey Fotakis, Energy Security in Brazil

  • Corey Keiffer, Haiti's Electricity Sector and Full Dollarization

  • Elias Corcho, Colombia's Energy Transition to Renewables